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Everyone knows about these boring moments in the elevator, awkward silences in the waiting room at the doctor, long train journeys with people you barely know and to whom you do not know what to say. And the list goes on. The site that offers you a solution is

This informational site offers subjects for conversation during these uncomfortable situations. If you visit this site regularly, you’ll be the one at family parties who will be able to tell the most interesting did-you-knows. And if you prefer to keep the information to yourself, that’s of course no problem either!

Despite the fact that this site evolved out of personal interests, in recent years it has become a site where consumers can obtain useful product information. The authors test products for you and are happy to let you know how their experience was. They also think it very important that they can provide a wide range of information to the site visitors. Currently they have a very diverse range of articles. A glance at their information database gives you already a good idea of what they are up to. They launch articles that deal with marketing, lifestyle tips, tips for your interior, but also issues about health and small facts about all kinds of products are being discussed. A little something for everyone!